Terms of Use

General Information

This site allows publishers to shorten any URL and earn revenue by sharing shortened URLs. Ads will appear to viewers along the path to the destination URL.

By using the website's services, you agree that the website includes ads on the URL Shorter. which is a requirement for the website to operate.

You agree to not use our services for the following

• Advertise youjax.com on traffic exchange websites

• Place short links on websites with inappropriate content.

• Shorten the URL that redirects to the website with inappropriate content.

• Use the Service for any illegal or unauthorised purpose

• Offer an incentive or beg a visitor to click on your shortened links

• Spam any website, forum or blog with the Site's links

• Bring fake/automated traffic of any kind to your links.

• Automatically redirect to your shortened url from a website. The viewer must click on the link

• Open your shortened URLs using an iframe or popups/popunder

• Click on your own shortened urls to generate revenue.

• Create redirect link with similar services to generate revenue

• Transmit files that contain viruses, spyware, adware, trojans or other harmful code

• Interfere with other publishers which are using the Site's service

• Create multiple accounts. Only one account per person is allowed

• Misuse from the contact system Giving false or incomplete information

Not suitable content

• Violence

• For adults

• Illegal

• Trojan horse

• Viruses

• Malware

• Time bombs

If you do not comply with the terms of service We will do the following

• Disapproving your withdrawal

• Delete your account